Free Sewn Black Masks from Dustless

Take a look at this brand new freebie being offered up by Dustless Tools. They are offering up free sewn black face masks along with free shipping. The offer is live on their site. Visit them via the link below and fill out the form to claim yous. Like most other offers, this should arrive at your door in 4-8 weeks (if not longer). The offer will last as long as the company's supplies do (they usually go fast). *Please note: they only have a limited number of these masks available each day. If you see the message: “Thank you for your interest. We have received the max number of entries per day. Please visit again soon.”, just try back tomorrow.

Grab yours right over here.

Please keep in mind that Club Freebie has no control over 3rd party samples. We post samples that we come accross online but do not directly send samples out to anyone. If you have any questions about a specific sample or about exact arrival times, contact the company directly.