Free Pouch form American Spirit

Check out this new freebie offer from American Spirit. Create a free account with them and they will send you a free pouch. American Spirit is a tobacco company, and like other freebies from companies like this, you will need to be 21+ years old to claim the free gift. Those interested can get their welcome gift by visiting their site directly. This sample, like most others can take up to 8 weeks to arrive at your door so please be patient. All samples are only available while supplies last.

Here is how you can claim yours:
1. Visit their site using the link provided below.
2. Log in to an existing account or create one (remember, you must be 21+ years old)
3. Once logged in, look for the offer on the homepage and hit “Request Butt Pouches” to start (link requires you be logged in) and then just confirm your shipping info and that’s it.

Claim yours right here.

Please keep in mind that Club Freebie has no control over 3rd party samples. We post samples that we come accross online but do not directly send samples out to anyone. If you have any questions about a specific sample or about exact arrival times, contact the company directly.